sayoko kobayashi - venue 8, avery & co

Makers Statement:

My aim in creative practice has been to express wabi-sabi in contemporary jewellery. Wabi-sabi represents a comprehensive Japanese world view of transience, or a state of mind of finding beauty in nature, imperfection, and simplicity. In devising one of my current collection, I was inspired by rain. Throughout my time in Scotland, where there is a lot of rain, I have been struck by how much the rain enhances the charm of nature. I also kept in mind the rainy season in Japan, which also highlights the simple beauty of nature, in the way a single droplet of rain sits on a bamboo leaf. Capturing things such as air bubbles, and natural materials in resin and enamel lengthens the moment of passing. Every piece is hand crafted with ethically sourced materials, and hence, unique. I will continue to combine Scottish and Japanese infuences and materials as a selling point of my professional work.