Kirsty dalton - venue 11, frasers fruit & veg

Makers Statement:

Scottish Designer Kirsty Dalton bases her work slowly on items and elements of waste that she comes across in her everyday surroundings. Dalton bases her work on the industrial atmosphere of derelict spaces within the urban cityscapes. Focusing on colours and textures based on decay.

Dalton creates her pieces from various pieces of scrap metal. Each piece has been both hand painted and forged together with resin. ‘I wanted to capture an essence of the people around me by using materials that they have used and discarded. By transforming this range of materials, I address the topic of waste whilst giving the objects and materials the opportunity to be seen with a sense reflection and respect’.

Conceptually, the project stemmed from Dalton’s interest in found objects and how they can effect and define certain aspects of our lives. I believe the process of decay and waste encapsulates a great deal about society and our transformative role within it. This particular line called Relics is based entirely on various pieces of scrap metal that I have gained from other people, bringing to light that one person’s trash can be another person treasure.