Karen Smith - venue 10, dundee contemporary arts

Makers Statement:

'I’m passionate about music. I love the hidden stories within songs and the affect they have on us. This is where I draw my inspiration from which I then translate into my quirky storybook jewellery. Each piece is handmade by me from my workshop in Dundee, Scotland, making each item slightly different and unique in its own way I work in precious metals and semi-precious gemstones such as garnets, citrines and onyx. Detail is key in my work and a variety of traditional jewellery making techniques are used to achieve this.

I enjoy creating Jewellery, which is wearable but also very individual and interesting to look at. I like to think my jewellery says something about the wearer without actually disclosing it. Almost like wearing a secret in full view without everyone being aware of it, unless you really want them to.

Of course the stories I create within my work are up for interpretation by the viewer/wearer. Perhaps the story I connect with the piece is not the story the person who wears it associates with it. After all everyone’s perception is different. However, the most important thing about my work is that the wearer connects with it on a personal level making it more than just a pretty object’.