JEWELLERY TRAIL | 19.09 / 20.09.14

The Jewellery Trail is a tour of the city that will lead people through the studios of independent jewellers that are based in Dundee. Starting at The Old Flour Mill where Vanilla Ink's End of Year Show will be showcased, featuring the work of the 8 Inkers of 2014, a pop-up shop hosted by Tea Green Events and a photographic exhibition from What Kristen Saw. The trail will then lead you through 10 independent jewellers studios and '15 Years' an exhibition at DJCAD exhibiting the work of 29 jewellers that graduated from a Scottish institute within the past 15 years. 

A trail for jewellery lovers, a chance to gain insight into the jewellers of Dundee.

Guided tours will run on the 19.09.14 & 20.09.14 at 1pm and 3pm and will begin at The Old Flour Mill, please book through our eventbrite page. Otherwise, please feel free to wander around the studios they will be open from 12-5pm.

**please note the '15 Years' exhibition closes at 4pm on the Saturday**


1. The Old Flour Mill Vanilla Ink's End of Year Show.

2. Neo Design

3. Lorraine Law

4. Discovery Quay - Making Jewellery Work (12.09.14)

5. '15 YEARS' DJCAD & Jewellery Department with Beth Spowart, Rosie KimberSheila Rousell

6. AVERY&Co - why not stop off for a beautiful coffee and a cake.

7. Islay Spalding Jewellery

8. Meadow Mill Studios, Elizabeth Humble (studio 416), Genna Design (306), Nicola Morrison (304), Vanilla Ink Studios with Scarlett Erskine Jewellery, Sally Anne Jewellery and Filipa Oliviera (216).