Islay Spalding - Venue 4, the cheesery

Makers Statement:

Islay Spalding's aim in jewellery design is to create unique pieces that are unusual and distinctive yet practical and pleasing to wear. She believes in quality craftsmanship and meaningful design and specialises in bespoke commissions for kilt pins and contemporary jewellery.

Islay's kilt pins are an abstract take on the traditional style and fabricated in silver using a variety of techniques. She uses elements such as grooves and notches to signify dates, hillscapes, coastal outlines and pieces of music or lyrics to bring that personal meaning to the design and make it completely unique to the wearer.

Islay’s jewellery is a constantly evolving range of unique pieces originally inspired by the colours and forms found in Surrealist and Abstract Art; especially the works of Desmond Morris, Yves Tanguay, Miro and Kandinsky. Silver is combined with hand-dyed resins to form colourful and chunky sculptural shapes that are then translated into rings, pendants and brooches for the Biomorph, Biocube and Small World Collections. Islay also works with silver, 18ct Gold, precious and semi-precious stones and is now working on a collection of engagement and wedding rings inspired by her love of the Scottish landscape using Cairngorm stones.