Scottish Jewellery Week is well underway and while we all recover from what was an monumental launch, we have taken some time to reflect on what happened on the day that the very first Scottish Jewellery Week hit Dundee.

Making Jewellery Work; a symposium that was aimed at the jewellery industry highlighting the Scottish industry as a whole and the next steps jewellers can take at any stage of their career. In partnership with The Incorporation of Goldsmiths' we curated a fantastically insightful event that left the crowd inspired and reflective, of the day and their practice.  

We could not pick a highlight as the all the speakers were great but may be you would be happy to enlighten us with your thoughts on the day. We were a bit star struck when Sofus, one half of SMITH/GREY took to the stage, a brand that we have followed religiously and have been in serious awe of since the broke onto the jewellery scene three years ago. 




AuthorKate Clifford